136″ Black linen



  • Polyester
  • Round
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*Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual product available to rent. We are happy to provide a picture of the exact product once availability is determined for your required dates.* A 120″ black linen refers to a tablecloth or fabric cover that is 120 inches in width and is made of black material. Here are a few details about a 120″ black linen: Size: The measurement of 120 inches indicates the width of the fabric, which is typically used to cover rectangular tables of varying lengths. The length of the linen can vary based on the size of the table it is intended for. Material: The black linen is made from a durable and usually machine-washable fabric, such as polyester or a polyester blend. This ensures that the linen is resistant to stains and can withstand regular use.

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