6″ Square Vase



  • Acrylic
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A 6″ square vase is a small, square-shaped container specifically designed for holding and displaying flowers or decorative items. Here are a few details about a 6″ square vase: Design: The 6″ square vase is characterized by its square shape, with all sides measuring 6 inches in length. It typically has a straight and clean design with sharp corners, offering a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Material: Square vases can be made from various materials, including glass, ceramic, or acrylic. Glass vases are commonly preferred as they provide transparency, allowing the contents inside to be visible. Function: The primary function of a 6″ square vase is to hold and showcase flowers or other decorative elements. Its compact size makes it suitable for small floral arrangements or single stems, perfect for tabletop displays or as accents in home decor. Call us for a free consultation (512) 222-8749.


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