Baby Blue Linen


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Baby Blue Linen refers to a type of fabric known for its softness, breathability, and delicate color. It is made from flax fibers, a natural material that has been used for centuries in the production of high-quality textiles.

The term “baby blue” describes a light and subtle shade of blue, often associated with calmness, serenity, and a sense of innocence. Baby Blue Linen embodies these qualities, making it a popular choice for various applications, including clothing, bedding, and home decor.Your one-stop shop for Austin and Central Texas tent rentals. Call us for a free consultation (512) 222-8749


20" x 20" Polyester Napkin, 20" x 20" Satin Napkin, 20" x 20" Velvet Napkin, 90" Polyester Round, 90” Satin Round, 90” Velvet Round, 108" Polyester Round, 108" Satin Round, 108" Velvet Round, 120" Polyester Round, 120" Satin Round, 120" Velvet Round, 132" Polyester Round, 132" Satin Round, 132" Velvet Round, 60" x 126" Polyester Rectangular, 60" x 126" Satin Rectangular, 60" x 126" Velvet Rectangular, 85" x 85" Polyester Rectangular, 85" x 85" Satin Rectangular, 85" x 85" Velvet Rectangular, 90" x 132" Polyester Rectangular, 90" x 132" Satin Rectangular, 90" x 132" Velvet Rectangular, 90" x 152" Polyester Rectangular, 90" x 152" Satin Rectangular, 90" x 152" Velvet Rectangular, Spandex Cocktail Linen, Satin Cocktail Linen, Velvet Cocktail Linen, 14” x 108” Chiffon Table Runner, 14” x 108” Velvet Table Runner, 14” x 108” Satin Table Runner


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